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WaterfallNow's talented designers primarily specialize in the custom creation of custom garden waterfalls. We create waterfalls in any height, width, color, or dimension. No matter what your budget is, you can trust WaterfallNow to provide amazing results from concept to completion. Let us know about your next renovation project and we will suggest the latest hot products from around the world or our own custom designs.


Resort-Quality Landscapes

Transform any space into a private oasis with a custom rock waterfall water feature.

Unlimited Potential

Clients can choose virtually any material ranging from faux rock, concrete, river rocks, bricks, glass, or even wood for the construction of their waterfall, fountain, or water feature.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Real rocks the same size can cost a bloody fortune! Get the best bang for your buck.

Indoor Or Outdoor

We are here to help you discover multiple options for any situation, so you can make the right choice.


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Email: [email protected]

Surrey/Vancouver, BC, Canada


Custom Waterfalls, Fountains, Water Walls, And Water Features

More about us: Like any respectable company in custom landscape and design builds, we provide realistic prices and don't make any promises that we can't fulfill. WaterfallNow began in February 2014 but combines decades worth of experience. We are a young company which is why we are willing to do what it takes to establish ourselves as the best experience you've ever had. Believe it or not, WaterfallNow wants your business and wants to see every one of your dollars well spent. We recognize that in today's economy, price and trust are at the forefront of our clients minds. Our in-house team of designers fulfills each and every project from start to finish in an efficient matter - the way we agreed, or it is on us. The long-term success of any business requires sound ethical business practices and a serious level commitment to customer satisfaction. We don't just go 1 extra mile but however many it takes to earn your trust - within reason! We always treat our business clients the way we would treat members of our own family which is with integrity, honesty, and respect. In other words, we are 'that guy' who is there to call on when you need a ride at 3am in the morning because your car broke down. Have a project that you are excited about? Give us a call to determine the best course of action. (We use virtually any product to construct virtually any custom waterfall, fountain, or water feature design you have in mind). We look forward to hearing from you. Lower Mainland, BC: Dial 778.788.8603 - Email: [email protected]

We Do All Things Water Features

WaterfallNow provides a ‘full-service specialization’ in virtually anything to do with waterfalls, water features, and fountains. Send us a photo of what you like and what you want customized. We then build a design plan, estimate the costs, and build it.

Extreme Durability And Versatility

Pound for pound, a fiberglass panel is stronger and lighter than sheet metal. Not prone to freeze-thaw action, fractures, leaking,  molding, or weathering like other faux rock which is why they are a popular choice. No matter what style of water feature you prefer, all of our custom water features are built to last.

Very Low Maintenance

Fake rock waterfalls made with fiberglass are popular in resorts due to their durability and lower maintenance costs. Constant use and complex filtration systems are not required.

Everyone Should Have A Waterfall

You’ve probably dreamed of one day owning your own waterfall water feature. Let us help you make that dream come true. Guaranteed lowest prices and jealous neighbor phenomenon.

  • Waterfalls and water features are mesmerizing
  • They are the favourite part of our clients homes
  • Impressive to behold
  • Will be enjoyed for many decades
  • Completely custom-made
  • Can convey a professional image
  • Enhances any garden’s appeal

Custom Waterfalls

Luxury resort-style waterfalls for your very own home or garden. These are a hot product desired by virtually every home owner.

Any Height Width Or Design

Sometimes premade water features don’t make the cut. We provide a number of different ideas and sketches (upon request) prior to construction. Once this is done, the rest is easy.

You Will Be Amazed

While we can’t control your emotions, we are confident that you will be amazed with the finished product. This is largely owed to the time we invest in the preparation phase.

Our Services

Enjoy the feeling of elation associated with being able to trust a company that fully stands behind its work. We provide a broad-range of landscaping services with all the tools to give you the results you wanted.

Pondless Waterfalls & Fountains

Choose from natural stone, brick, fiberglass, or concrete.

Pool Rock Waterfalls

Every luxury home is worthy of a resort-style waterfall.

Decorative Rocks

We can design custom rock covers and other rocks for landscaping purposes.

Water Walls

Custom indoor and outdoor water features. Wide range of materials.

Beautiful Sounds Of Waterfalls

Drown out traffic with the soothing white noise of a waterfall.

Concrete Pool Repair, Maintenance, & Construction

Need an affordably priced custom pool?

Basic Landscaping Services

We provide lawn and garden maintenance, new construction, pond care and more.

New Pond Construction Or Maintenance

We create self-sustaining ponds that require low maintenance in any style or design.

Lighting, Pumps, and Accessories

We also provide pump repairs, servicing, replacements, custom lighting, and pond accessories.

Water Pumps For Pond Waterfalls

We supply BC residents with modern, energy efficient, and durable pond waterfall water pumps. Need to replace your old pump or upgrade to a stronger one? We beat any competitors pricing on virtually all water pumps. We provide pump repairs and servicing which is essential for maximizing the lifespan of the pump.

“We beat any competitors pricing and service on virtually all pumps”

Pond PumpsDozens of models, classifications, designs, and styles to choose from. Request a catalog.

Book a Free Consultation

Call us whenever you are ready to schedule a free consultation or receive a possible same-day on-site evaluation.

We provide you with the option to get a 3D or sketched landscaping design layout prior to commencement (a $90 value for just $30). (This is credited back when the project begins). We don’t obligate anyone to go with us but find that most do. If you are planning to sell your home we have complementary services that will assist you in the selling process. For fastest service we recommend sending a photo of the project area to be renovated via text or email and giving us a call to book the free initial consultation(s).

Waterfall Design Ideas

We recommend using Houzz.com or Pinterest.com for brainstorming ideas.